Miscellaneous Gk Quiz – 3

1. who has been appointed as the new Meghalaya governor?


2. PM Modi announced the launch of which two new projects for the conservation of India’s most endangered species during his independence Day Speech?


3. Which country has detected new coronavirus strain that is ten time more infectious?


4. When did Chandrayann-2 complete one year in orbit around moon?


5. Chandrayaan-2 recently captured an image of a creater on Moon. ISRO has named the crater after whom?


6. Which indian cricketer has been recommended for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award by the National Sports Awards Committee?


7. Who is the new IPL Title Sponsor?


8. Which company has acquired a majority stake in Netmeds?


9. Which nation’s President resigned after being detained at gunpoint by mutinying soldiers?


10. Who has become the first Indian American to accept Democratic party nominations for US Vice President’s Post?


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