General Science Quiz – 8

1. The drugs caffeine, tannin, nicotine are


2. Colored glass, coral, ruby glass, metal alloys are colloidal solutions of


3. Which carbohydrate is NOT a hexose?


4. A solution of potassium nitrate is


5. How is the degree of hardness of water expressed?


6. Vinegar is


7. Rain water helps to increase the ___ of the soil.


8. Which one of the following is NOT found in Protein?


9. Magnetron is used for the production of


10. The fertilizer essential for the growth tobacco is


11. Which one of the following chemicals is used in Beauty Parlous for Hair-setting?


12. The ore of manganese is


13. Copper sulphate solution conducts the current by


14. Match List 1 correctly with List 2 and select your answer

List – 1

  1. carbolic acid
  2. substitute for petrol
  3. almond
  4. perfume

List – 2

  1. acetophenone
  2. Benzaldihyde
  3. phenol
  4. aliphatic Ether

15. Lack of essential amino acids in diet causes


16. consider the following sentecnes

Honey contains

  1. Glucose
  2. Maltose
  3. Fructose
  4. Sucrose

17. Number of Amino acids that can be synthesized by the human body is


18. Consider the following statements

  1. Bakelite is obtained from phenol and formaldehyde
  2. Bakelite is a resin, early form of plastic
  3. Baklite is a thermosetting plastic

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