History Quiz – 1

1. All the following announcements were made at the Delhi Durbar in 1911 Except one. Identify that one


2. After independence, from which year, India brought its distinctive coins?


3. Who among the following rulers of bengal had issued a coin named Zurbe Murshedabad?


4. Who among the following made a statement of end of strike after the famous RiN mutiny of 1946 at Kolkata?


5. Under which of the following INA comrades, Officers’ Training School for INA officers was opened in 1943?


6. Before Mahatma Gandhi, who among the following had devised the Doctrine of Passive Resistance by leading a “No-rent Campaign” the form of non-Payment of the taxes as it would breach the legal obligation and will be a direct defiance of the administrative authority?


7. At which among the following places, National Flag was hoisted for the First time in India?


8. VANGUARD was the daily publication of which among the following political parties/ organizations?


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