Odisha Gk Quiz – 2

1. Which is the second largest river in Odisha?


2. Which of the following rivers drains 3 states including Odisha before entering the Bay of Bengal?


3. the Mandira dam is situated on the river


4. The river Subarnarekha has a length of about ___ in Odisha?


5. the total length of the river Mahanadi from its place of origin is :


6. The length Covered by the Mahanadi in Odisha is ____ Km?


7. The mahanadi is the ___ largest River in Indi?


8. the Mahanadi enters the Plain in Odisha at :


9. The Origin of which of the following rivers acts as a boundary between the state of Odisha and Jharkhand?


10. The important town situated on the Baitarni is


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