1. The most basic of all test instruments is the


2. The energy gap of diamond is


3. The positron is called the antiparticle of the electron, because it


4. Gamma rays can be detected by passing them through


5. Magnetron is used for the production of


6. The intensity of an earthquake is measured with a


7. which of the following functions is performed by a photo cell?


8. Alternating current is converted into direct current by


9. The radiation with highest energy is


10. The foul smell or rancid butter is due to


11. The organic compound used for silvering mirrors is


12. What is the chemical name of marble?


13. Which is Not an Isotope of Hydrogen?


14. What are Parafins?


15. Freezing mixture may contain ice and _____?


16. Which one of the following is NOT a protein?


17. The metal ion involved in Stomatal regulation is


18. List – 1

  1. chlorella
  2. Yeat fixation
  3. Penicillium Protein
  4. Rhizobium

List – 2

  1. Antibiotic
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Single cell
  4. Fermentation

19. The ratio 3:1 is obtained in


20. Which of the following diseases is NOT caused by bacteria?


21. Gymnosperms are ?


22. Fixation of nitrogen in the soil is done by?


23. Plasmodium belongs to this group?


24. Who was the first Portuguese governor in India?


25. The local ruler whom Vasco Da Gama met on his arrival at Calicut in may 1498?


26. When was the Alingar Treaty Signed?


27. Which of the following is the most significant contribution of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to modern India?


28. Who among the following was involved in the Alipore Bomb Case?


29. Who is known as the father of Indian environmental Science?


30. Which of the following animal has the highest blood pressure?


31. The worlds first ever thermal battery plant has been inaugurated in which Indian state?


32. Gyan Bharati Rserve, a Biosphere Reserve of India is located in which of the following state?


33. What is the theme of the 2020 World Autism Awareness Day?


34. which Indian state has indigenous developed a walk-in sample collection kiosk to test patients, similar to South-Korea?


35. Which teams of Thailand and Malaysia have been banned from participating in Tokyo Olympics?


36. Name the renowned Hindustani Classical singer and Padma Shri Awardee, who recently passed away?


37. Union Cabinet recently approved the MoU between India and Which country, on cooperation in the field of Environment?


38. Vahana Mitra Scheme is an initiative of which Indian state/UT?


39. What is the theme of the world Food Safety Day 2020?


40. Which global organisation is headed by Tijjani Muhammad-Bande?


41. Which country is the chair of the ASEAN association for the year 2020?


42. Who is the chairperson of the 15th Finance commission?


43. Tabo Monastery is located in which of the following States?


44. Through which of the following pass the river Satluj enters India from Tibet?


45. Blatter Herbarium In India is located In?


46. Which among the following is a direct tax?


47. Which among the following is called India’s Market watch Dog?


48. In which year Tax Reforms Committee was Constituted by Government of India?


49. Which sector is the largest recipient of FDI in teh lase decade from  2000 – 2019?


50. An example of Protozoa, Anthropod, Aves, Mammal and Reptile is respectively ____?


51. Flowering in long day plants is related to which of the following?


52. Sindhi Language was included in the list of official languages in the 8th Schedule of our constitution in which year?


53. In which year Union Territories were introduced in India?


54. Althing is the national parliament of?


55. Which system of government is also known as Westminster model of Government?


56. who is the leader of the Parliament?


57. In which year was the Dantwala committee Report on Block-Level Planning Constituted?


58. Which type of body is the Competition Commission of India?


59. In Which state EVM were used fist in India?


60. In which of the following states is located the Indian Astronomical Observatory?


61. Thin lamination is used in transformer to reduce?


62. which of the following statements is incorrect about a plane Mirror?


63. Which among the following is not correctly matching?


64. Kavi Vatsal was a title by a king belonging to which of the following dynasties?


65. Which of the following rulers were closely associated with Yuehzhi nomadic people?


66. The kala Ghoda Arts Festival is associated with which one of the following cities?


67. Hanukkh, the festival of light is associated with which one of the following religions?


68. Poll Monitoring System was implemented in which among the following states of India for the first time?


69. What is the maximum number of candidates which EVMs can cater to?


70. ______ is called the Asiatic Italy?


71. Which state possess three major ports in India out of 12 major ports?


72. Which of the following is the important cotton producing area in India?


73. Which missile is designed to defend large installation like oil-fields etc. against enemy air attcks?


74. which among the following mammals has the highest metabolic rate in terms of oxygen consumption (mm3/g hour)?


75. who among the following is called the Heroine of 1941 Quit India Movement?


76. Sohan Culture is another name of


77. Match the following

List – 1

  1. Paleolithic
  2. Mesolithic
  3. neolithic
  4. Chalcolithic

List – 2

  1. Domestication of animals and plants
  2. food gathers
  3. Hunters and herders
  4. Farmers

below options are given in A B C D order


78. Match the following Chalcolithic age site using the given codes

List – 1

  1. Banas
  2. Kayatha
  3. nevaga

List – 2

  1. Madhya pradesh
  2. maharashtra
  3. Rajasthan

Below the options are given in A B C  order


79. How does common salt help in separating soap from the solution after Saponification?


80. Insect resistant cotton plant have been genetically engineered by inserting a gene from a


81. By using which one of the following techniques, is DNA finger printing done?


82. According to the  Census 2011, Sex ratio in India is


83. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?

  1. Idukki : thermal power station
  2. Sabarigiri :Hydro-electric project
  3. Ghatprabha :irrigation project
  4. Ramganga : Multipurpose Project

84. The Bermuda triangle lies in ___?


85. The temperature needed to keep the earth’s surface and the atmosphere in thermal equilibrium is called?


86. Which country is collaborated with India in setting up KoodanKulam Atomic Power station?


87. Which of the following States is called The Tiger State of India?


88. Rules of Origin that was seen in news Recently, is associated with which Ministry?


89. Which agency implements eNam?


90. Who launched the program Lab to Land program?


91. Which among the following is the women’s equivalent of the Davis Cup?


92. Umaro Cissoko Embalo was recently elected as the President of which country?


93. Which country recently took over the chairmanship of the Group of 77 for the year 2020?


94. Sunita Lakra, who announced her retirement recently, is a famous Indian Player of which Sports?


95. Which famous International Tennis Tournament is held in the month of January, every year?


96. Epiphytes are common in which of the following type of forests?


97. The term of which Deputy Governor of the Reserve bank of India was extended for a period of one year, recently?


98. Pahlavi dynasty is related to which countries?


99. Who among the following built the Alai Darwaza?


100. Which among the following building built by Shah jahan at Agra is similar in Pattern of the Saint basil’s Cathedral in Moscow?


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