1. Miniature garden under closed container is known as


2. Micro Propagation Technology Park is located at?


3. Scientific name of mango steen is?


4. Joining of vascular tissue to form grafted plant is known as?


5. Lower portion of a grafted planted is called?


6. Pollination in rubber is completed by?


7. Which type of plant helps to trap dust?


8. Central Institute of Horticulture is located at?


9. NHM was launched in which year?


10. Which is known as custard apple?


11. Which type of pollination is found in lettuce?


12. Mexican single is a variety of ?


13. summer shower is important for flowering in?


14. Saffron is a sole crop of which Indian state?


15. Which genera of measuring is a serious pest of custard apple?


16. Family of Natal plum is?


17. Which is a long day plant?


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