1. DOTS is a treatment given to patients suffering from – Tuberculosis
  2. ELISA test is used for detection of – AIDS
  3. The Suicidal bags of the cell are – Lysosomes
  4. Protein factory of  a cell is – Ribosome
  5. Powerhouse of cell is – Mitochondria 
  6. penicillin was discovered by –Alexander Fleming 
  7. Who discovered polio vaccine-John Salk
  8. Who discovered cell-Robert Hooke
  9. Penicillin extracted from-Fungus
  10. Who discovered Smallpox Vaccine-Edward Jenner
  11. Largest gland in human body-Liver
  12. Largest bone in Human body-Femur (thighbone)
  13. Largest organ in human body-Skin
  14. Smallest bone in human body-Stapes (Ear)
  15. Which part of eye donated-Cornea
  16. Which is known as Master Gland in bod – Pituitary gland
  17. Which vitamin is essential for the coagulation of blood? – Vitamin K
  18. The gland which is both endocrine as well as exocrine –Pancreas
  19. Which glands are also known as Ductless Glands?– Endocrine
  20. . Name the vitamins that are water soluble– B & C
  21. Name the vitamins that are– A, D, E & K
  22. Blood group was discovered by– Landsteiner
  23. Universal blood donor– O Negative
  24. Which is the universal receiver blood group– AB
  25. How many chambers are there in frog heart–3
  26. How many chambers are there in Human heart– 4
  27. Why are leaves green in colour– Chlorophyll
  28. Why is blood red in colour- hemoglobin
  29. What is the Ph value of human blood?– 7.4
  30. The rarest blood group is– AB Negative
  31. The metal present in the haemoglobin is– Iron
  32. The metal present in the chlorophyll is –Magnesium
  33. The important sugar in honey is– Fructose
  34. The number of Chromosomes in the human gene is– 46
  35. Which of the following acid present in Vinegar?– Acetic Acid
  36. The disease caused by deficiency of protein in children iscalled –Kwashiorkor
  37. Which disease is caused due to deficiency of Iodine?– Goiter
  38. Which of the following organs stores fat-soluble vitamins?– Liver
  39. Plants which flower only once in their life time are knownas –    Monocarpic
  40. Which is the most stable ecosystem?– Ocean
  41. What is protein made of?- Amino Acid
  42. What is the main component of cell wall in case of plantcells? – Cellulose
  43. Who discovered nucleus of the cell- Robert Brown
  44. Cells are made up of- Protoplasm
  45. Ligament connect– bone to bone
  46. Blood is a– connective tissue
  47. Kidney stones are composed of- Calcium Oxalate
  48. Which of the following organelles is called ‘Atom bombs’?
    – Lysosome
  49. Insects that transmit diseases are known as– Vectors
  50. The outermost layer of skin is– Epidermis
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