51. In the human body, red blood cells are produced in
– Bone Marrow
52. The thinnest bone of human body is
53. The plant hormones produced at the shoot to cell to grow
longer is – Gibberellin
54. The transformation of cartilage into bone is called
55. Cancellous bone is also called
Spongy bone
56. Which bone does not articulate with any other bone in
human body – Hyoid bone
57. The human digestive tract is also known as
Alimentary canal
58. Where sertoli cells are found
Seminiferous tubules
59. The male hormone testosterone is secret by
Leydig cells
60. The contraction of muscles in the uterus before childbirth
is known as –Labour
61. The hormone secreted by pancreas is
62. Which pituitary hormone regulates sertoli cells
63. After birth, what link between the mother and baby is cut
The umbilical cord
64. Which is considered as physical basis of life
65. Which secretes the gonadotropic hormones-Anterior Pituitary

66.Which part of nephron is impermeable to water
Distal convulated tubule
67. What is average weight of a kidney in humans
68. The excretion process in unicellular animals is mainly done
by – Osmosis
69. The smallest blood vessels which are one cell thick, are
called – Capillaries
70. The somatosensory receptors in human being detect
71. Which part of the plant gives us saffron
72. Depletion of ozone molecules in stratosphere is due to –
73. Who bring blood back from different parts of blood to
heart – Vein
74. Carcinoma is a cancer of
Connective tissue cells
75. The animal cell which does not possess nucleus is
Red Blood Cells
76. Calcium deficiency can occur due to absence of
Vitamin D
77. Chronic intake of which of these cause cirrhosis of liver –
78. What is the class of turtle
79. Who proposed five kingdom classification
R.H. Whittakar80. What does tapeworm do not possess –
Digestive tract
81. What does animal cell do not possess that a plant cell
does – Chloroplasts
82. What is the colour of crayfish’s blood
83. Auxiliary bud develops into which of the following part of
the plant –Leaf
84. Which creature cut off their tails
85. Which is the disease existing at or before birth
86. Which test is used for detecting abnormalities in brain
waves –EEG
87. Xylem helps in transportation of which of the following –
water soluble
88. Who derives nutrition from plants as a parasite
89. Who is a saprotroph– Mushroom
90. Which of the organisms can reproduce by regeneration
and budding – Hydra
91. Who first discovered the cholera causing germ
Filippo Pacini
92. What is the main thinking part of the human brain
93. Bone marrow is not composed of
94. Which of these are egg laying mammals
95. Which acid is released when an Ant bites
Formic Acid
96. What is that disease which results in inflammation and
pain in joints – Arthritis
97. What is the process of division of cytoplasmic cells called –
98. Haemoglobin is an important component of
red blood cells
99. What is blood cancer
100. Which of these is a vascular plant

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