Odisha Gk Quiz – 3

1. What is the per-historic name of odisha?


2. which literary source mentions about kalinga and odra goddess viraja?


3. which literary source mentioned odisha as kalinganagara situated on the west of gomti river?


4. Which among the following is a budisha literary source of odisha ‘”s ancient history?


5. Greek historian pliny mentions odisha by which name?


6. Which of the following excavation site is not a part of diamond triangle of odishan archaeology?


7. which of the following inscring inscription,throws light on the administation of asoka  in kalinga?


8. the earliest coins availabe in odisha are


9. which of the followwing coins suggest that trade and commerce existed in odisha?


10. wich among ihe following pre historic site in odisha belongs to neolithic era?


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