251. Buccal cavity is a component of which organ system –
Digestive System
252. Which is a water borne disease– typhoid
253. Cellulose is an example of which kind of nutrient –
254. Guard cells surrounds– Stomata
255. The food in Onion is stored in the form of
256. What are male gametes called as– Sperms
257. Which cell organelles are present only in plant cell
Cell Wall
258. Spinach contains– Oxalic Acid
259. What are the three primary nutrient needed for plant
growth –
Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium
260. Who has open circulatory system
Cockroach , Prawn
261. Which protein is found in nails– Keratin
262. How many canine teeth are there in adult human– 4
263. How many molar teeth are there in adult human– 8
264. How many incisors teeth are there in adult human– 8
265. How many premolar teeth are there in adult human– 8
266. How many wisdom teeth are there in adult human– 4
267. What is a vestigial organ in human body
268. Which cell organelle is responsible for cellular respiration
269. Uric acid is chief nitrogenous waste of which of
270. Who gave ‘The Theory of Natural Selection’
271. Who is known as ‘Father of Medicine’
272. Which technique is used to detect Chickengunya viruses
Biosensor Test
273. Bee sting contains
An Acidic liquid
274. Which enzyme not produce in Small Intestine
275. ‘Asthma’ disease is caused by which fungi
Aspergillus Fumigates
276. What is the nature of cell membrane
277. Arrangement of leaves in a plant is called as
278. Plants which can survive in very less water are called as –
279. Eustachian Tube is located in which part of human body
280. Potato is an example of– Tuber
281. Frog respires by– Skin
282. What is an example of dicot seed– Pulses
283. Which part of the brain plays an important role in motor
284. Which protein found in heir– Keratin
285. Which liquid is contained inside the nucleus of a cell –
286. Which drug is used to get pain relief in muscles
287. Dolly was an example of cloned– Sheep
288. Which is an example of Ball and Socket joint in humans
Hip Joint
289. Which glands secrete growth hormone
Pituitary Gland
290. Who is cold blooded animal– Snake
291. A single piece of coiled DNA is known as
292. Which is the only snake that makes nest
293. Botany is the study of
294. Which group contains crawling animals
295. What is the weight of pituitary gland
0.5 Gm
296. Which bacteria spread Meningitis
297. What is the length of colon in human body
About 5 feet
298. Leprosy disease mainly affects
Nerve extremities
299. The virus of AIDS mainly affects the growth of
T cells in blood
300. Which disease is prevented by M.D. T. (multi drug
therapy) – Leprosy
301. Clostridium tetani bacterium produces a toxin that
affects the
The Brain and nervous system

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