351. Haustoria or sucking roots are found in which
352. Motor skills are associated with which part of the brain –
Frontal lobe
353. ‘Dialysis’ is related to
354. Where is urea separated from the blood
355. The average blood flow through kidneys per minute is
1200 cc
356. The radiant energy absorbed by the plants result in –
Photolysis of water
357. Plants receive their nutrient mainly from
358. Most highly intelligent mammals are
359. What is a mushroom
360. Noscapine is obtained from
361. Heroine is obtained from
Opium poppy
362. Percentage of water in plasma is
363. Enzyme is a
364. Delonix regia rafin is the scientific name of
365. Amoeba belongs to the phylum
366. Diabetes is caused by
low production of insulin
367. The process of producing energy in plants is known as –
368. Mangroves are plants that have
Respiratory Roots
369. Which is a symptom of haemophilia
no clotting of blood
370. The process of pollination by birds is also known as –
371. Spider belongs to the phylum
372. What is the brain of the cell?
373. Who is the father of anatomy?
374. In which muscle we can find ‘intercalated disc’?
cardiac muscle
375. How many vertebrae are there in the human boby?- 33
376. Which bone is called ‘beauty bone’?- clavicle
377. Which is the longest bone in the human body?- Femur
378. What is the length of stomach?- 25 cm
379. How many teeth are there in the human body in adult
life? – 32
380. Which part of the human body produces voice?
vocal cord
381. Which nerve is responsible for olfaction?
olfactory nerve
382. What is the covering of lung?- pleura
383. Which is the common pathway in between respiratory
and gastrointestinal tract? – pharynx
384. What is the equivalent part of penis in female body?
385. What is the cause of hardness in erected penis?
Increased blood
386. What is the cause of Diabetes mellitus?
insulin deficiency
387. What is the sex hormone in female?
estrogen and progesterone
388. What is the secretion of lacrimal gland?
389. What is the common but dangerous disease of eye? –
390. In which condition human crystalline lens becomes hazy?
391. What is the barrier between middle ear and outer ear? –
tympanic membrane
392. What is the estimated no. of cells that the human body is
composed of?- 37.2 trilion
393. What is the amount of blood contains in the human
body?- 5-6 litres.
394. With how many bones the human skeletal system is
composed of in adult age?- 206
395. What is the largest organ in the human body?- skin
396. What is the largest gland?- liver
397. How many blood groups in the ABO system?- 4
398. How many chambers in the human heart?- 4
399. What is the average blood pressure of human being?
120/80 mmHg
400. What is the weight of the brain?
1.36 kg

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