General Science 50 MCQ – 11

501. What is the formula of pyruvic acid– CH3COCOOH
502. Where does the Tricarboxylic acid cycle take place– Mitochondria
503. Evaporation of water takes place in which part of plants
504. Elimination of Tuberculosis from India is targeted by 2025
505. Which drug is used as an Anti Diabetic Metformine
506. The primary function of RNA isProtein Synthesis
507. For the aquatic organism, the source of food isPhytoplankton
508. Lungs are the primary organs of Respiration
509. Tamarind belongs to which family of plants Febaceae
510. What is the basic unit of heredity gene
511. Prothrombin, responsible for clotting of blood is released
by – Blood Platelets
512. Cannis Vulpes is the scientific name of Fox
513. Spiders belongs to which class of animalsArachnids
514. Prawns belongs to which family Crustaceans
515. What does trypsin doBreaks down proteins
516. Cannis Familiaris is the scientific name ofDog
517. Harmful bacteria in potable water make the waterunfit to drink
518. Name the respiratory organs of insects Trachease
519. The part of a leaf by which it is attached to the stem is
called – Petiole
520. Which is the largest known cellOstrich Eggs
521. Jaravik – 7Artificial heart
522. Bile is yellowgreen colored alkaline fluid
523. Bile is secreted by-the liver
524. stored in the liver for the future Vitamin-A
525. Bile has a pH value of-7.7
526. The study of fungi is called Mycology.
527. The study of algae is calledphycology.
528. Digestion of protein occurs in the small
529. The final products in the digestion of starch in the
alimentary canal are-maltose.
530. The edible part of the florist is
the inflorescence.
531. Formation of the word cell
Robert Hooke
532. The genetic material of a cell is
533. Study of Cell
534. Plants take nitrogen
in the form of nitrate
535. DNA was discovered by
Watson and Crick
536. Units of DNA
– nucleotides
537. Diabetes is caused by
lack of insulin.
538. Insulin discovered
Waiting and West
539. Insulin is produced in the body
by pancreatic
540. Yeast is a ……..
.- fungus.
541. Who discovered cholera’s microbes
Robert Koch
542. Carrot is orange in color
because of carotene.
543. What substance is usually lost from the body during
dehydrationSodium chloride
544. Roundworm is a human parasite found in
the asteroid.
545. Tinia solium (lace worm) lives as a parasite
in the intestine
546. How are carbohydrates stored in the body
in glycogen
547. The sugars found in milk are
548. Isolated division
in somatic cells
549. Human eye works
like convex lens
550. Speed of light is highest
in vacuum

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