General Science 50 MCQ – 13

601. BCG to newborn When to be vaccinated
Immediately after birth
602. Did the first successful heart transplant
C.N. Bernard
603. Human skin color is formed by
604. Who controls blood pressure
adrenal gland
605. Blood clotting is due to-
606. The function of hemoglobin is to
carry oxygen.
607. The instrument used to measure blood pressure is called
608. When nitrogenous waste accumulates in the blood, which
organ is not workingrenal
609. The work of medicine is to pump blood into various
parts of the body.
610. Human heart stops
in the garden
611. The transmission of Kaljar fever is
caused by the bite of a fly
612. Human blood color is red
due to hemoglobin
613. What is the heart rate of an adult person
70-80 times per minute
614. Left aortic arch is visible in
615. Maharandhra, which is a gateway, is where
the skull
616. Malaria fails from female anaphylase, who discovered it –
Ronald Ross
617. What is the tissue attached to the bone called muscle
618. Fibrinogen is converted into fibrin by
619. Cyanide dies in seconds due to specificity
cardiac arrest
620. Which are the largest cells in the blood of mammals
621. single molar
third molar
622. How many bones are there in the human body206
623. How much are ear bones 6
624. The total number of vertebrates in humans is33.
625. Bones of the limbs of children are bent if there is
deficiency- Vitamin D
626. The most powerful bone of the body is in
the jaw.
627. Which part is transformed into the elephant’s gajdant
the second piece
628. “Lock-jaw deformity” is another name for which disease-
629. The science related to the study of teeth is
630. Where is flat-bones
in skull
631. Osteocytes are found in
632. Another name for Janufulka is
Janwika (Patella).
633. Human asthinpangar (Kakal) has bones 206
634. From whom do teeth and bones get strength and- firmnesscalcium
635. Does not contain milk teeth of 3-4 year old baby
116. Causes of aggregation of uric acid crystals at the joint are
Of arthritis
634. What are the feathers of a bird and insect
– Equilibrium element
635. An insect is a creature that
consists of three legs.
636. Which cells in our body have the least regenerative
power- brain cells
636. With whom is the morphology of property formulas well
studied in the middle age
637. Who makes a beakJab
638. What is the hard enamel layer of teeth
calcium phosphate
639. Find the approximate number of skeletal muscles
640. What is transplants between genetically identical
individuals isografts
641. What is the hybrid of animal born from horse and
donkey called Mule
642. Who coined the word ‘Jean’
W.C. L. Johnsen
643. Who Discovered Sex-Hormones
Eugene Steinac
644. The name of the first cloned sheep was Daly
645. Johann Gregor Mendel is famous for introducing
heredity rules.
646. Haemophilia genetic disorder
647. Dolly was the first colonized animal in the world
– Sheep
647. BT seed is concerned withcotton.
648. Allosomes are-the sex chromosome.
649. D.N.A. The test was developed byWatson and Crick
650 What is the collection of genes in a population
gene bridge

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