General Science 50 MCQ – 15

701. Alzheimer’s disease affects which part of the human body
the brain
702. Dung plantLithophytus
703. What is the function of hormones
controlling all kinds of chemical reactions
704. Nitrogen is present in urea fertilizer
in the form of amide
705. Protein is digested bypepsin enzyme.
706. How to cause maximum damage to a tree
destroy its bark
707. Onion is edible partStem
708. Male mosquitodrinks juice of plants
709. Female Mosquito– Blood Picks
710. In which part of plants turmeric is obtained
– from the stem
711. The process by which water is released by the original
Romo in plants is called-osmosis.
712. Tobacco smoke is harmful to health because
they contain nicotine.
713. Quinine is extracted from the bark of which tree
714. Cellulosi wall is found in the cells of which
715. The reason for the sweet taste of fruits is
716. Nitrogen is an essential component of
717. What is the importance of jatuparagana
– pollination by jatuk
718. Curcum is separated from
719. The image on the retina is
real, inverted and smaller than the object
720. Human eye works
like convex lens
721. The cause of myopia is
thickening of the eye lens and reduced fox distance.
724. Normal temperature of human body is
98.6oF or 37oC or 310K
725. The example of pillar kand, dhankand, salkakand and
rhizome – potato, (banda, saffron) onion and (ginger and
turmeric) respectively.
726. Amaranth, grapes, custard apple and tomato are edible
parts- fruitbhuti
727. Edible parts of mango, papaya and plum are
Middle wall
728. Spleen affected by
malaria disease
729. Carrier of malaria disease
female Anopheles mosquito
730. Plasmodium is a parasite
of Murria’s disease
731. By what process do plants breed
732. What are contained in the process of absorption
733. Pituitary gland is
found in the brain
734. The master gland is called
the pituitary.
735. The body’s smallest gland
is the pituitary.
736. Father of animal and animal science
737. Father of medicine
738. Who first used the word biology
Lamarck (France) and Treviernas (Germany)
739. The father of genetics
Gregory John Mandel
740. Gene is located
in chromosomes.
741. Genetic mutation occurs in
742. From which plants, cocoa and chocolate are obtained
743. The best example of multiplicity is
744. Where does cabbage collect food items
745. Hydrochloric acid found in
gastric juice
746. Lichen contains mutual symbiosis
fungi and algae
747. What are the double-door cells
748. In which pulpy thalamus is edible
749. Digestion in human
in the mouth
750. Absorption of digested food
in small intestine

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