General Science 50 MCQ – 16

751. Blood groups are- A, B, AB, O
752. Blood group discovered- Landsteiner
753. Provider blood groups are- O
754. Omnibus blood groups are- AB
755. The cell wall of algae is-made up of cellulose.
756. Discovery of Bateria-
757. The largest organ in the human body is
the skin
758. Study of tissues is called-histology.
759. The upper surface of the skin is called
760. Penicillin obtains antibiotic- from mold
761. Pyorrhea is a-disease of gum.
762. Anemia is caused by
iron deficiency
763. Retina of the eye functions
– like film in camera
764. From whom is the root cover obtained
765. Who is promoted in “agricultural science”
plants and animals
766 Study of blood is called
767. The metal found in blood is-iron.
768. Spleen is called “Blood Bank”.
769. Platelets are dead
in the spleen
770. Helps in blood clotting
771. The fourth stage of a substance is
772. What percentage of blood is plasma
60 percent
773. Liquid part of blood is
774. Vitamin K helps in
blood clotting
775. “Solid Waste” is known by which name
776. Which are the sexual reproductive organs of Aspergillus –
Pundhani and Ascodhani
777. Where does the free oxygen during light synthesis come
from – water
778. What happens due to presence of xylem in plants
water carrying
779. Which light is least effective in light synthesis
Green light
780. Mendel had selected for his experiment the
pea plant
781. The science of genetics was called
Genetics” by W. Watson.
782. What does chlorophyll contain
783. Excreted in human urine
784. Urine color is yellow
due to urochrome
785. How many cells are there in the heart of man
786. Fad’s heart consists of
three parts.
787. Human body’s abundant element
788. Human body contains water
65-80 percent
789. The amount of water in human body is
10 percent of body weight
790. What is the normal blood pressure of human
80/120 mm. Mercury
791. What is the normal blood sugar level of sugar
– 80-90 mg / decile. nearby
792. Anemia is caused due to deficiency of
Folic acid
793. The pH of human blood is
794. Rendered DNA synthesis
795. The functional section of DNA is called
796. The double helix model of DNA was created by
Watson and Crick
797. First in the laboratory was the synthesis of “gene”
Hargovind Khurana
798. Helping to prove paternity
DNA and finger printing test
799. Male and female gene composition occurs
XY and XX

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