General Science 50 MCQ – 17

800. A boy gets “chromosome” from the father
– 22 + Y
801. The sex of the child is determined by
the chromosome (XY) of the father.
802. E.C.G. Whose activity reflects
803. Inadequate supply of blood in human body is called
804. What are the antibodies in the blood
805. Liquid fraction of blood without corpuscles is called
806. Another name for blood cancer
is leukemia.
807. What is detected by the murmur of the heart
defective valve (valve)
808. Glucose is present in
human blood
809. “Aspartus” is the name of a production given to patients
with diabetes in the form of honey-factor. Which class does it
belong to – alkaloids
810. “Suicide bag” is called
811. Lysosomes discovered
D-Dubey in 1949
812.Protein factory is called
Ribosome .
813.Protein is synthesized
by ribosome.
814. Blood
connective tissue
815. Malaria is transferred by one person to another
Anaphylase mosquito
816. First use of the word “gene”
817. The theory of “a gene is an enzyme” was formulated by
Beadle and Tatum.
818. Hemoglobin is a compound of- protein.
819. The largest white blood cell is
a monocyte.
820. What are the main functions of insulin in the human body
to control the level of sugar in the body
821. For whom is the term hypertension used to increase
blood pressure
822. “Hypoglycemia” refers to
a low sugar level in the blood
823. Old and endangered: Where red blood cells are destroyed
824. The approximate life-time of red blood cells is 100
-120 days.
825. Infectious diseases are the full name of SARS
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
826. The term “Homo sopiens” literally means human
827. Life-saving hormones are called
828. Scientific study of birds is called
– Ornithology
829. The study of intimate organs says
830. The medical term used for sleeplessness is
831. Beekeeping is called
832. The color of cow’s milk is slightly yellow due to the
presence of
833. Mankind is the branch of botany, botany whose field of
study is – plants related to Janajatiya medicine
834. Which are the most sensitive indicators of the health of a
– infant mortality rate
835. Which is the tallest plant in the world
836. By whom can environmental pollution be controlled
by stopping nuclear explosions, by manufacturing electric
837. By what use can the amount of sulfur dioxide in the
atmosphere be reduced – fuel with low sulfur
838. Sewage received in toilet and urinal is considered as
hygiene waste
839. The filter on which sewage (sewage) is poured is calledtrickling
840. What color data are the threatened species represented in
the cook- Red
841. Under the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, which animal
is protected- Sahi
842. In what form can ultraviolet rays be used in water
treatment- Germicidal
843. In a poultry unit, the most influential factor in cost is the
cost of – Poultry
844. What is the study of organisms in relation to their
environment – Ecology
845. It is said to leave agricultural land unattended (not
farming) for a few years
leaving fallow
846. Carolus Linnaeus system of classification
847. Where is the collection center of microbiological variety
of wealth
848. What is the behavior of the rabbit hitting the ground with
the hind limbs
warning signs to the members
849. Presence of pollutants in the environment is commonly
expressed in PPMs. What is the full form of PPM here
parts per million
850. How agriculture promotes Indian industrial development
By providing raw materials, providing bread and cloth to
the workers

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