General Science 100 MCQ – 18

851. Melanin is the pigment that gives color to-human skin
852. Who is treated with the help of rheumatic heart disease-
853. What is the life span of red blood cells (RBC) of man
120 days
854. The pressure exerted by blood on whose reefs is called
blood pressure of arteries
855. Which is the blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood
to the liver hepatic artery
856. Which organ converts glycogen into Balkos and purifies
the blood liver
857. Hemoglobin is a respiratory pigment found in all cords
except larvae eel fish
858. Which molecule in plants resembles hemoglobin in
animals – cytochrome
859. When there is a contraction of the left ventricle in human
heart, to whom does the blood go aorta
860. What causes a heart attack
decrease in blood supply in the heart
861. If the radius of a person’s blood vessels is reduced, what
will be the effect on his blood pressure
will increase.
862. When an external substance enters the human blood
system, who starts the reaction
white blood cells
863. What is the substance that is invested in a living organism
when it inspires the production of antibodies
864. What should we take for immediate energy production in
cells– Glucose
865. Whose synthesis of amino acids is required
867. By what else is Vitamin C known
Ascobic acid
868. Hydrophobia disease occurs due to- dog bite
869. Hydrophobia disease
caused by the virus
870. Ranikhet disease fails
by virus
871. Blood is kept safe in the blood bank
– at 40oF
872. RBC’s graveyard (shamsan)
873. “Foot and mouth” disease occurring in animals is caused
by virus.
874. Two hereditary diseases
blindness and hemophilia
875. First described color blindness in humans
Herrner (in 1876)
876. A blind person does not have the ability to identify
green and red
877. Thyroxine hormone is secreted by
the thyroid gland.
878. The number of amino acids in the body is
879. Tissues are formed in the body
from protein
880. Essential elements for the formation of bones and teeth -calcium
and phosphorus
881. The color of the leaves is green
due to chloroplast
882. The color of the leaves is yellow
due to the formation of carotene.
883. The main metal present in Chlorophy is
884. Process of food preparation by tree and plant isphotosynthesis.
885. Essential for light synthesis
Co2 water, chlorophyll and sunlight
886. Enzyme found in saliva
– tyline
887. A bone called
tibia is found in the leg.
888. The organ in the human body that has the largest number
of bones
the finger
889. Enzyme helps in
digesting food.
890. Enzyme is composed of
amino acids.
891. Proteins are converted to amino acids in
892. The process of photosynthesis is highest
– in red light
893. Oxygen (oxidation occurs) in light synthesis
from water
894. Prevents blood from freezing inside the body
a protein called heparin
895. Protein called Heparin is produced by
the liver.
896. Blood clot does not accumulate
in hemophilia disease
897. Whom do proteins digest
898. The activity of enzyme can be controlled by change of
899. Which does not contain cholesterol
– Groundnut oil
900. Another name for Vitamin B2 is
901. Vitamin A is abundant
in carrots
902. R.H. Factor is related
to blood
903. Researchers of RH Factor
Land Steiner and Wiener
904. First study of blood circulation system was done by
William Harvey
905. Blood carrying blood from the body to the heart is called
blood vessel.
906. The blood vessel carrying blood from the heart to the
body is called
the artery.
907. Controller of heart beat is
908. Blood purifies
– Kidney
909. Blood pressure is controlled by
the adrenal gland.
910. The process of purification of blood is
911. Blood pressure measuring instrument is
912. Stones formed in human kidneys are made of
calcium oxalate.
913. Mutra is formed
914. The weight of kidney is
150 grams.
915. What is emulsification
to store fat in small tablets
916. Vegetable vegetables and fruits should be a part of our
diet because they increase
917. Fibers diet includes
918. Nitrogenous diet is
919. A substance used to lower body temperature in high fever
is- fever
920. Saliva from the mouth is digested by
the starch.
921. Vitamin E is especially important for whom
by normal function of the sex glands
922. Vitamin B6 deficiency causes male
923. Apart from carbohydrates, there is a major source of
energy in our diet- fat
924. Bankitis is a disease of
the respiratory tract.
925. An example of pepsin is
926. Vitamin not found in milk is
927. Plasmodium is a parasite
of malaria disease
928. Excreted in human urine
Vitamin C
929. The pH value of the root (acidic) is
930. The smallest creative and functional unit of life is
– the cell.
931. The smallest living cell is
932. Longest cell in the body
nervous system
933. The creative and functional unit of the nervous system is-
934. Within the cell is the center of respiration
935. Who helps in digestion
936. The two most known sources of edible protein are
soybean and peanuts.
937. To what area of the tongue of man is the confinement of
Kaduwahat limited
938. The process of decomposition of a bio compound, by
whose use it is called
– fermentation, is enzyme.
939. Scurvy disease is caused due to deficiency of which
940. In which substance do proteins turn into digestion
amino acids
941. Whose amount of drying oils is very high – unsaturated
fatty acids
942. Which disease can be caused by insufficient iodine in the
diet – big abtu
943. Which of the following is used as a preservative of food
items – sodium chloride
944. Lactose is found in
– Milk
945. Itai-itai disease is caused by which metal
946. Which protein-sugar pair in milk
casein, lactose
947. The maximum permissible concentration of total hardness
in drinking water is
948. Fish is a first-class protein because it contains
– essential amino acids.
949. Which disease is caused by iron deficiency
950. What is the protein part of an enzyme

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