General Science 100 MCQ – 19

951 Which vitamin is very variable and is easily destroyed
during cooking and storage, which is
952. Iodine test is used to check the presence of
953. Animal protein is considered a first class protein because
it is rich
in essential amino acids
954. If fluorine is found in excess in water, what can be the
problem- Fluorosis
955. What is the main purpose of white particles in blood
to treat infection
956. How much energy is in the “sweetx” used by diabetic
patients – five calories
957. Which hormone controls blood glucose levels
958. What is the average percentage of oxygen content in the
human body
65 percent
959. The disease in which blood sugar level increases is
named- Diabetes Mellitus.
960. Approximately how many times our valves are opened
and closed daily
1,00,000 times
961. Bone is used as fertilizer because it contains plant
nutrients – phosphorus
962. Who discovered vitamin
963. Genome depiction refers to
the depiction of the brain.
964. Vaccine developed by Edward Jenner is related to which
disease- chicken pox
965. Pyria disease affects which part of the body
the gums
966. How long does food last in the stomach
up to 3 hours
967. Smallest cell is
968. What is the life span of red blood corpuscle
– 120 days
969. Lysosomes known as soul bags
970. The gland that controls the pituitary gland
is the hypothalamus.
971. Thyroxine deficiency disease is
972. Where did the first cell originate
in water
973. The power planet of the cell
974. Who Discovered Lysosomes
De Duve
975. The longest cell in a creature is
the nerve cell.
976. Adult red blood cells are not found in
– nucleus
977. Smallest cells of human body
red blood cells
978. Cells of shortest life span of human body
alimentary canal cells.
979. The amount of carbohydrate in the cytoplasm is
1 percent.
980. The number of amino acids found in the human body is
– 20.
981. The largest gland of the human body is
the liver.
982. The main ingredients of food are fat
protein, carbohydrates.
983. Respiratory rate in humans is
12 to 18 times per minute.
984. The scorpion has respiratory organs
– manual pleurisy
985. Infant has a respiratory rate at birth
35 times per minute
986. Respiratory rate will be lowest
at bedtime
987. Procedure to check pulse of heart is called
988. Blood is
989. Sphygnoumanometer measures
blood pressure
990. Lack of antibodies
Blood class AB
991. White blood cells are responsible for immunity in the
992. Glucose release with urine is a sign of which disease
993. The weight of human brain is
– 1400 grams
994. Elbow joint
core joint
995. Smallest bone of human body
Steps in ear
996. The largest bone of human body is
997. How many bones of human spine is made up of
998. The hormone that controls BMR in the breast is
999. Female growth hormone is
1000. Tear gland is active in human baby
4 months after birth
1001. The disease caused by Trypanosoma is
– Sleeplessness.
1002. Abies is the animal of the class
1003. Annelida animals
– cylindrical worm
1004. The specialness of fish is special
Two cell heart
1005. There is vaccine for tetanus
1006. How many bones are there at birth of a newborn baby
about 306
1007. Chloroquine is an antibiotic drug used in
– the treatment of malaria.
1008. Which tissue is made of camel’s hump
sebaceous tissue
1009. The main excretory substance in the formula of
mammals is
1010. The master body of the human body is the
pituitary gland
1011. The injection of eggs in humans is called
in the fallopian tube
1012. Amount of water present in human body
70 to 80 percent
1014. The fatal disease caused by uncontrolled growth of the
cell is – Cancer.
1015. Fluorine is a mineral that helps in enamel teeth
1016. Vitamin D deficiency is a disease caused by adults –
1017. Tundu disease is found in
1018. Number of sweat glands in humans
2.5 million
1019. Mitochondria have the highest number
the brain
1020. The chemical name of Vitamin A is
– retinal.
1021. The study of hair says
1022. The largest part of the body is
1023. The reason for stone formation in kidney is
1024. The largest cell in the cell is
1025. Which plant is a good light mixer
1026. The touch of the leaf of the mimosa plant is the speed of
closing and opening
1027. The plant from whose leaf a new plant is born
stone rock
1028. The discovery of malaria disease is attributed to
Sir Ronald Ross.
1029. The lens is in the human eye
1030. Rhodia active substance is used to detect brain tumors
radio iodine
1031. The underground form of rhizome plant is
1032. The bacterium found in the root of pulses is
1033. Water and mineral salts are handled in plants
by xylem
1034. Food made in plants reaches various parts of the plant –
by phloem.
1035. The instrument by which the growth rate of the stem is
measured is
the aegonometer.
1036. How many connected nerves come out of the spinal cord
in humans- 31
1037. The longest worm is
worm worm.
1038. Drying machine and butter extracting machine works
on the principle of centrifugal force
1039. The branch related to the study of the human brain and
head is- phrenology.
1040. The reproductive part of plants is
1041. Study of fruits is called
1042. Study of flowers is
1043. Soluble vitamins in water are
B and C.
1044. Vitamin soluble in fat
A, D, E And K
1045. Sucrose contains
glucose and fructose.
1046. For immediate energy the player is given
– Carbohydrate
1047. Disease of kwashiorkar and marashamus is caused by
– lack of protein.
1048. The most abundant organic compound in nature is
1049. The first organic material synthesized in the laboratory
is urea.
1050. Protein digested protein of milk renin

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